From the 5th to the 9th of November 2018, a delegation of Latvian Standard (LVS) experts visited Tbilisi in Georgia, by concluding a development co-operation grants project financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia "Improvement of the Georgian standardization: support for the development and maintenance of the Eurocode's design system" in cooperation with the Improvement of the Georgian standardization: support for the development and maintenance of the Eurocode's design system (GeoSTM).

Within the framework of the visit, a seminar "Implementation of Eurocodes in Georgia" was organized by GeoSTM in the Technopark of the Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency. It was attended by the business, standardization, construction and academia representatives. LVS experts, including Riga Technical University (RTU) lecturers Līga Gaile and Leonīds Pakrastiņs, shared their knowledge and practical experience in improving the work of the standardization technical committees, the implementation of Eurocodes, the development and harmonization of national annexes, examples of best practice in their maintenance and application, and promoting the participation of SMEs in the harmonization of standards. The opening of the seminar was honored by the Latvian Ambassador to Georgia, Ingrīda Levrence.

Also, the knowledge of LVS experts was also presented to the teachers and students of the Georgian Technical University. A great interest was shown regarding Latvia’s experience in the implementation of education programs on Eurocodes in the Riga Technical University.

Within the framework of the project visit, together with GeoSTM colleagues and standardization technical committees’ representatives (TC) the development and improvement of the TC activity plan and work program was discussed, as well as recommendations and support for the implementation of standard e-commerce platform and technical requirements implementation were given.

At the end of the visit, representatives of LVS and GeoSTM discussed the possibilities for future co-operation and the activities necessary to further develop the ideas and best practices initiated within this project.

The aim of the project is to provide support for the improvement of the Georgian standardization system in the construction sector by strengthening the coordination of the common standardization process, ensuring the exchange of experience and skills on the adoption of Eurocode standards, accessibility and development perspectives, and promoting stakeholder participation in standardization. As a result of the project, it is expected that the systematic work on the implementation of Eurocodes and national annexes based on the developed and approved work program will be restored and maintained in Georgia.

Active work on the approximation of the national standardization system to the EU standardization model in Georgia began in 2006, when the transition to the adoption of technical regulations and standards developed in Europe was decided at the national political level to promote the competitiveness and growth of the national economy. Such reforms were also foreseen in the field of construction, as one of the tasks of moving forward to Eurocode standards in the design of building structures. The initiated process marked the abandonment of Soviet technical norms and standards, from the mandatory application of standards in favor of voluntary application.


The project has received funding from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia development cooperation budget in 2018.

In framework of this project was developed following document "Standards & standardization on struction standards & Eurocodes" in English/Georgian languages: & Eurocodes (1).pdf & Eurocodes_GEO.pdf